2/17 Brooklyn NY

Every body knows "KOHEY".
Really coooool!!!!! Respect.

BKC lady!!
She was wearing a new BKC t-shirts!!!

Really cool style.
I like this stadium jamper...
BKC new shit!!!

I got it alredy!!

awesome boutique.
"Brooklyn Circus"
258 Bergen st Brooklyn Ny 11217

2/17 East village

He is working at "Rugby Ralph Lauren" store!
He is really nice&cooool!!!
He's name is arly.


2/17 Brooklyn NY

Wealthy Hostage first lady "Fumi"!

I like Supra sneakers!

『Wealthy Ho$tage』
1924 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11226



I fund cool store in Flatbush area.


2/7 Lower East Side

Frank's Chop Shop

really awesome barber shop.

2/7 Lower East Side

"Coat of arms"
They have a lot of amazing vintage clothes!!!!!!
If u go to there, u will be excited.
If u love the hiphop.
u know what i meanig?

2/7 Lower East Side

Every body knows "anything".

What a crazy cool store.

2/7 Lower East Side

Check this store!

187 chrystie St. L.E.S, New York 10002

They have a brand their own.
That's really cool!!
Name is World!

2/7 Lower East Side

She is so nice!!!

2/7 Lower East Side

Really good couple!
I like Tight stadium jamper!